Vision and mission

Target of De Duynen Dental in common is to expose an open view and provide quality as high as possible within our care and passion. To get to this target we put time and effort in e.g. post-graduate training, congresses and inter collegial consultation and coarses in customer service. We also think your feed-back is relevant to our service, because we like you to feel comfortable, safe and appreciated.

Key competence

We will offer you regular dentistry and specialised dentistry e.g. implantology and esthetic dentistry. De Duynen Dental constantly invest in the best innovations and customer satisfaction.

General dentistry

General dentistry is care on a “daly basis”.

Periodic monitoring

During this appointment the general condition of your teeth and tissue wil be checked and specially caries, probable inflamation, health condition of your gums, tartar, leakage of excisting crowns and fillings en preventive advice. Sometimes we wil take, to support the examination, X-rays (bite-wings) or an OrthoPantomoGram. This OPT also is made to support extensive treatments.

Sorts of treatments

Our dentistry covers treatment of caries, dentures, crowns and bridges, root canal treatment, etc. See treatments.


The reimbursements for expatriates might be different from the regular terms. Please, ask your health security company for information.