Unfortunatly it can happen. Caused by e.g. an accident one or more teeth have lost. Than there is an opportunity to replace your tooth by a tooth implant.

When and why

If a tooth implant is being indicated depends on your situation. The last decades techniques have been developed to provide you very nice and esthetic solutions. E.g. when one or more teeth are missing this can be solved by a “regular” bridge, but also by using an implant. Dental implants are artificial roots made of Titanium.


During your first visit we will make a plan. Using this plan we can provide you of a custom made and therefore perfectly fitting crown. Then the surgical procedure will take place. The implant(s) wil be placed by the dentist-implantologist or by a dental surgeon. The implant now must heal to the bone ( osseointegration). When it is completely healed we have a sturdy base. Onto the implant an abutmet is placed wich is the connection between implant and crown. Your implantologist or oral surgeon will give you more information about the clinical procedure.

The dental crown

After this osseointegration we will start making the actual crown. There are several techniques to provide you of a crown. The itself is amde in the dental laboratory using “high-end” equipment. When the crown is almost ready wil we have a try-in session to do the final touch.


After placing the crown by the dentist we will inform you how to keep your crown and gums cleam, what you can do and most of all what not to do. Like your own teeth, these crowns can be damaged aswell. Your contribution will be good oral hygiene, normal use and a check-up once a year.


Please ask health your care insurance for information.