Dental crowns and bridges

No one would be proud to have one. A crown or a bridge, but there are many reasons why you may need one at any moment. It might be caused…
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Dental Splint

A dental Splint is a of acrylic fabricated therapeutic device that helps to reduce and/or eliminate mandibular tempero mandibular joint complaints and unnecesarry degeneration of your teeth. Most common is…
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Are you having trouble using your denture? We do have for almost every challenge a solution when your denture is loose or worn. Your denture could be worth to be…
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General dentistry

General dentistry is care on a “daly basis”. Periodic monitoring During this appointment the general condition of your teeth and tissue wil be checked and specially caries, probable inflamation, health…
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Implant supported dentures

What does an implant supported denture mean. This kind of denture will be supported by oral implants. Using some kind of attachment the denture is locked on to the implants…
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An OrthoPantomGram is an X-ray of the complete upper and lower jaws. It is made so one can see all the teeth and joints aswell. In Radiology it is called…
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Single (or more) tooth implant

Unfortunatly it can happen. Caused by e.g. an accident one or more teeth have lost. Than there is an opportunity to replace your tooth by a tooth implant. (more…)
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