Msc Radboud Maarten Crul, Dentist

Mr. Crul graduated at the University of Utrecht in 1973 and still, with a lot pleasure, is very active in dentistry. He wants not just the younger patient to be satisfied, but hopes with his very long experience as a dentist the elderly patient to guide hers or his teeth in an maximum condition. Msc. Crul is a very nice, relaxed, active and dedicated dentist.

Minke Stoel, Assistent

Almost 20 years a dental assistent and over 13 years working together with Msc. Crul. For many years she has been the prop that helds up the practice and practitioners.

Raymond Brons, Clinical Denture Specialist

Graduated in 1985 and owned his dental laboratry for over 17 years, started in 1988. During his career he also gave lectures to dentists, dental prosthetician and dental technicians in The Netherlands, Hungary and China. He also wrote some articles and manuals and studied law for a while. Mr. Brons is a skilled, passioned and dedicated “craftsman” who likes to bring humor during treatments. So, even anxious people he can bring to a laugh.