No one would be proud to have one. A crown or a bridge, but there are many reasons why you may need one at any moment. It might be caused by natural degredation, but also by a trauma, sports or falling down.
A real good and esthetic one or an esthetic and real good one would be the less. There are several ways to come to a good result. E.g. alloy/ceramic to full ceramic. It all depends on your wishes and the possibillities to come to a satisfying result.

When and why a crown or bridge

A crown or a bridge wil be indicated when there is a natural or traumatical reason. When a crown or bridge is indicated, one or more teeth must be “prepared”. After this procedure an impression is made. This is a very detailed impression. Also of the opposite jaw an impression wil be made. The impressions are to be sent to the dental laboratory.

The procedure

Analog or digital

In advance of the treatment we have discussed and decided with you wich kind of crown there will be made. Using the digital procedure the data of the impression will be scanned and the crown is made using CAD/CAM. Al depending on the type of crown, it will be individually “build-up” by a dental technician using the right colour of ceramics.

The “conventional” way of making a crown is done by very accurate procedures. In this case mostly the base of the crown will be an alloy. Using the alloy as base, it will also be “build-up” using dental ceramics.


There are anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. Eye-catchers are your anteriors and more logic more esthetic attention wil be payd compared to the posteriors. Any mouth or situation has its difference, so every mouth or situation is approached individually and we will advice to you the best possible solution.


After the crown or bridge has been placed into your mouth, we will teach you how to use it, what you can do and most of all what not to do. Your contribution and responsibility will be to keep your crown or bridge, gums and teeth in optimum condition. A yearly check is a “must”.


Being an expat, please ask your health insurance company.