An OrthoPantomGram is an X-ray of the complete upper and lower jaws. It is made so one can see all the teeth and joints aswell. In Radiology it is called an OPG, in the dental branche and oral surgery it is called an OPT. Using this X-ray we do have a clear site of the situation in your mouth if you still have the use of your teeth and in case of an edentulous jaw, the amount of bone. In case you require oral implants to have your denture fixed, the OPT is of great value to the dentist-implantologist or oral surgeon for the treatment, determinate location of the implants and/or the request to be sent to your health insurance. During the procedure of making the OPT you will stand or sit down. The device wil make a turn around your head. Your head will be fixed to provide a high quality X-ray.

73872797 – dental x-ray panoramic of upper and lower implant prosthesis

OPT with natural teeth and oral implants.