Are you having trouble using your denture? We do have for almost every challenge a solution when your denture is loose or worn. Your denture could be worth to be replaced for several reasons. You might have lost weight or due to medication you have less saliva. Due to less saliva a denture can be loose, but of course also a more natural reason such as degeneration over the years. And not to mention, you still have your temporary denture.

When and why

As described, there are several reasons you might need a new denture. If you live in The Netherlands permanent you will have a Dutch insurance company. If you are an expat there could be different terms of condition. If the shape of your jaw is satisfying, we can suffice making a “normal” denture. A “normal” denture in case is a denture that rests on your gums. So without oral implants. In case there is too less bone or the situation is not satisfying to indicate a “normal” denture, then you will be eligible to have oral implants.

The procedure

During the procedure and constructing the denture we need about 5 to 6 appointments to complete the procedure. A possible in-take is not included. During our conversation at the in-take, we want to know all about your experiences concerning your current denture so we can make a plan to give you the best treatment. Yes, your free to tell all about it. With your input and our research, we will plan your treatment and see if your wishes can be answered or maybe even more.

  1. We will take the first impression using a natural impression material (alginate). This impression is used to make an individual impression tray. (custom made)
  2. With this individual impression tray we will make the second impression. Plaster models are made at the dental laboratory and also one or two “base plates” that we will use to..
  3. Registrate the way you close your mouth amongst other things.
  4. At the dental laboratory the artificial teeth are placed in position, and we will have the “try-in”.
  5. Place the denture.

The denture

The denture is fabricated in the dental laboratory by educated and trained dental technicians who do their utmost best to make you happy having a bright smile, have a good chat, and of course to be able to eat.


When we have placed your new denture and we we have told you how to use it, what to do and most of all what not to do, we will give you the neccesary care. Your contribution and responsibllity is to keep your denture and gums clean and healthy. A check out once a year or when physica; change have been accured is adviced.