What does an implant supported denture mean. This kind of denture will be supported by oral implants. Using some kind of attachment the denture is locked on to the implants and (always) removable.
Oral implants are artificial roots made of high quality Titanium (Grade 5). These implants are shaped and mostly coated to preserve a very good link to the bone (osseointegration).
For some decades almost every case can be solved. If you are short of useable bone extra bone can be made.

When and why implant supported dentures

An implant supported denture is most of het time indicated when there is too much loss of bone to indicate a “normal” denture. A loose denture will give you all kind of problems. E.g: difficulties with chewing, difficulties with talking, laughing etc. If an implant supported denture is indicated will be decided by the dentist-implantologist or oral surgeon.
Your insurance company can inform you what they will reimburse and how much your contribution might be.

Two or more oral implants

Whether there will be implanted two or more implants depends on e.g. the bone condition and the amount of bone sited where the implants will be.
Sometimes when there is very little bone availlable in the lower jaw, one can indicate four implants. Most of the time there wil be two implants indicated in the lower jaw.
In the upper jaw therefore, at least four implants wil be indicated. This has to do with the difference in retention, bone structure and gravity between the upper jaw and the lower jaw. Most likely when an implant supported denture in the upper jaw is indicated on four implants, it will also be possible to remove the palate. This will give the denture a “horse shoe” shape and will provide more taste and comfort.

The procedure

The implants wil be placed by a dentist-implantologist or an oral surgeon. The implants will be placed with local anesthesia.
How much time it will take depends on the situation in your mouth, but about 30-90 minutes. Your practitioner will inform you in advance.
After the implants are placed, they have to osseointegrate. This wil take some weeks, depending of the upper or lower jaw. Meanwhile you can keep using your excisting denture.
After the implants have been integrated, we will continue the procedure to make your new denture.

The denture

To manufacture the denture we need five to six appointments. Just like the average denture. A difference wil be the “bar”. This is a alloy or titanium connection between the implants. The bar will be tried in at the third appointment because the bar has to fit without any tension. During the procedure a second OPT will be made, just to be absolutely shure the bar construction fits immaculate to the implants. During the procedure of manufactoring the denture, ofcourse, you can tell your wishes according to color and shape of the artificial front teeth.
When the denture is completely finished, it will be placed in the mouth and checked before leaving our practice. We will also instruct you how to keep your denture and the parts above your gums clean and healthy.
After the final appointment we like to see you after one month to have a first control check. Best thing is to have a check ones a year.


When the denture is placed and we have instructed you how to use, what to do and above all what not to do, we will give you the necessary after care.
Your contribution and responsibility will be to maintain your gums, denture and the connection between the denture and the oral implants in maximum condition.

Costs en reimbursement

The total costs of the implant supported denture wil be made by an estimate. Sometimes the implant supported denture is fully reimbursed by the insurance company, but it might be possible you will have to make a contribution. How much your insurance company will reimburse depends on the comany and, in some cases, the way you are insured. Please ask your insurance company for advice also.