A dental Splint is a of acrylic fabricated therapeutic device that helps to reduce and/or eliminate mandibular tempero mandibular joint complaints and unnecesarry degeneration of your teeth. Most common is the relaxation splint.

When and why

Possibilities of joint complaints could be caused by stress, lack of molars, grinding and bruxism. Complants often vary and may have different causes. One must not have an “abnormality” and yet have pain in the joint. In extreme situations we will redirect you to a dental specialist or a specialised fysical therapist.


When you com te visit us, we will make three impressions and a “bite”. The Splint wil be made at the dental laboratory. When it returns from the dental laboratory we will check the fit on your teeth and the relation between your lower jaw to your upper jaw. Now you wil be wearing the Splint for a few weeks. If possible mostly at night. And yes, you might understand… It is quiet difficult to have one in your mouth, because you can neither eat nor talk properly.

Continuing the treatment

When you have been wearing the Slint for about three weeks, we woud like to see you again and, if possible, make the first adjustment. When you are free of pain and complaints we will continue the treatment and make, together with you, a plan.