You are at the side line as a coach, trainer, parent or partner watching sports performance or some other event or you are on the pitch or court yourself. What is not to be expected and something you do not want is to get any kind of injury.

You are smart!

Protection is preventive and safe en above all, prevention is way cheaper then the consequences. A well fit mouth guard that also protects the roots of your teeth is a very good investment. But always play safe and fair!

When and why use a mouthguard

Most trauma to your teeth happen while sporting. Therefore it is quite logical to wear a perfect mouthguard. Because, wearing the mouthguard you will bring the chance of damage to your teeth and tissue to a lower level. Indeed, a well fitting mouthguard is more expensive as a mouthguard you can by in a shop and put in hot water.

We will provide you of a perfect fit professional mouthguard.
Depending on the kind of sports there are different models. But, we always advice the most protective one. The “Heavy-Pro”. This is a three layer mouthguard.

  1. A combined soft/hard layer. The soft side is on your teeth and gums
  2. An about 3 mm soft layer. The top layer is available in different designs.
The mouthguard will cover completely your teeth and gums and ends at the 1st or 2nd molar.

The procedure

To make the mouthguard we need three impressions and a “mould” when closing your mouth. The mouthguard is being fabricated in the dental laboratory. When we place the mouthguard we will check fitting onto the upper jaw and the relation when closing the lower jaw. Please beware these mouthguards fit way better. So, you will have to get used in putting in and taking out.


You will never buy the mouthguard for nothing. The mouthguard always will protect your teeth and gums if you do not take any unnecessary risks during sports. Protection always shows at the end when the mouthguard had to do its job, but a well fit mouthguard kept a lot of people out of a lot of misery.